Rooftop garden designs ideas for London

It is challenging to make the most of the space you have in a roof garden. That is why you are usually best to leave it to the experts. We understand the legal safety requirements and work around them to paint you beautiful roof garden designs options, which will sit comfortably but spaciously in its surroundings.

Box Balled Garden

Every garden designer knows that terraces can be tricky. The thing to remember is that every square centimetre counts. And all designs must be sensitive to function and use, as dictated by the client.

This roof terrace design prioritises space for entertaining. That means plenty of seating—both for lounging with a drink and for dining more formally at the table. the arrangement and placement is uncluttered and the choice of box hedge and topiary complements this elegant simplicity. Joints and eye-breakers have been used to emphasise the terrace width.

modern roof terrace
modern roof gardens

Modern Curved Seat

Roof terrace design in London can present such a challenge due to regulation. Load-bearing restrictions and high wind safety measures limit what we can do. But, as you can see here, floating benches are an elegant way of addressing both of these concerns.

Notice how private this garden looks in spite of the surrounding tower blocks. This effect is largely down to the three-tiered planting. The breezy Silver Birch trees obscure the buildings, while perennials add seasonal colour. Meanwhile, the vibrant green box hedge provides a lush leaf all year round.

roof gardens west London

Glass Garden

As mentioned above, long, narrow roof gardens like this really need eye-breakers to hold onto the gaze. Here, the introduced of the pot plants, which serve that purpose. By giving your eyes more to look at, they prevent you from scanning up and down the garden in a glance. And this makes the space seem wider than it actually is.

The relatively dark wood decking, meanwhile, enhances the contrast and draws attention to the green of the shrubs. adding matching wood cladding to soften—and to set this garden apart from—the walls of the neighbouring homes.

glass garden design
glass modern gardens

Lifestyle Roof Terrace

Looking at entertainment gardens, you could almost imagine that your were inside a house. There’s a covered “dining room” with space for dinner party guests, for instance. And, beyond that, there’s even a sofa for all your family and friends to lounge on. Meanwhile, the trellis walls are thick with climbers and the roof sections are solid and black.

It could easily feel cramped in here. But that’s exactly why there’s so much bright white. White cushions and furniture help to give the impression of space while reflecting light back into the garden.

modern terrace designers
modern roof designers

Structured Roof Terrace

Roof garden design ideas must have sympathy for their immediate surroundings. However, this doesn’t only apply to urban roof garden design in London. It also applies to this terrace surrounded by trees.

Look at all the green on this decking. The topiary and trees in this garden help to blend the boundary with the woods. And our choice of soft, off-white furnishings with only a few modern touches in no way distracts from the foliage. Just as importantly, there’s plenty of room to get around; the client’s choice of seating size was ideal and it all came perfectly together.

roof terraces ideas
structured roof gardens

Minimal Terrace

As far as roof garden designs ideas go, this is certainly among the more interesting. We designed this terrace around the focal point of the glass floor. And it’s intended to be viewed from above; that is, from other terraces on the property. The decking is almost a formality and is largely obscured by the pots.

However, while these pots are of variable sizes and shapes, we took care to match their materials. This helps to ensure that they don’t distract from the focal point. Of course, we also took care to choose hardy plants that cope well with exposure to wind.

minimal terrace designs
glass floor for terraces

Blue Garden

This roof terrace is another great example of how we can use carefully placed lighting to integrate inspirational ideas into the creation of a practical design. The blue LED strip lights bathe the entire space in a wonderfully electrifying glow.

The ladder motif, repeated in the windows and trellis, further draws this design together, giving it a certain symmetry. But it also manages to link the terrace with the shelving in the room beyond. This was an important consideration given such an open view of the home’s interior.

blue terrace gardens

Soft Lighting Garden

Seaside roof terrace ideas can be constrained by the limited planting options. Only the hardiest of plants can stand up to icy gales and salt-laden, drying winds. Here, we’ve de-emphasised the role of plants to focus instead on the eye-catching feature wall. We also scatter small items around a space to add visual interest.

Since this roof garden design was intended for night-time use, we went with a darker decking. We also placed the seating away from the home to separate it from the indoor living space. The glass balustrade, meanwhile, ensures an uninterrupted view of the sea.

smart roof garden designers
elegant roof gardens designers