Modern gardens designs in London

Choosing modern gardens designs over more traditional styles often means keeping it very simple with minimal designs, modern materials and careful use of colours. We work with your ideas and ensure we create a practical design with the space you have, which will look amazing alongside your home.

Tranquil seating Area

Seating is vital in this modern garden design, not only for sitting on but also for dividing the space. Just as your house can be split into rooms, a garden can benefit from subdivisions. Here, the corner bench beautifully frames the focal point fire bowl as a clearly defined space for entertaining. Meanwhile, the gazebo seating area forms a perfect passageway, which takes you from one side of the garden to the other.

Of course, it could look a little disjointed. But the use of gravel just ties the whole thing together. It really looks absolutely wonderful.

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Modern Entertainment

Modern gardens designs for small terrace gardens prioritise the illusion of space. Many people think an open lawn can make their garden look bigger, but the opposite is actually true.

Here, the space has been filled with diverse plant textures and surface materials, adding plenty of visual interest and encouraging the eye to travel. This is key. The eye can take in a lawn at a glance and your garden will ultimately feel smaller. By holding the gaze with lots to look at, on the other hand, we have carefully created the impression of a much, much bigger garden.


Relaxing Seating Garden

A large garden pond looks absolutely amazing surrounded by coping stone. As you can see in these pictures, this one neatly echoes the shape of the neighbouring lawn. And we have created a wonderful contrast between its sunken blackness and the white of the light stone paving.

One of the reasons we selected such a pale stone for this design was to reflect light back into the house. This is just one of the wonderful ways of connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces, which is a must for lifestyle gardens like this.

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Urban Japanese Garden

We think that there’s a lot going on in this contemporary garden design. It’s just the kind of idea our clients love. But it’s the large modern paving slabs, which tie it all together—defining a grid for this intriguing layout (and the eye) to follow.

If you look carefully, you can see how we have made sure that almost every feature conforms to the geometry of the paving. From the boundary walls, to the pond, as well as the glass panes of the open conservatory. Each of them sits along the joints between slabs. It all comes together in an amazing garden design.


Garden Pools

Small modern garden designs ideas often include focal point water features. However, ponds can sometimes be too dark—especially if you let them get murky.

This pebble pool is a nice compromise. With a depth of just 25 centimetres and a lining of light-coloured stones, there’s little chance of it darkening the space. Actually it has the opposite effect. We set the walkway above the surface of the pool to make it seem more like a bridge. It was important to avoid bisecting the water into two separate features, as this could make the garden feel smaller.

modern pool features
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