Modern Edwardian Garden

Client brief

Budget: £19,000
Maintenance: one to two hours a month
Type of design: modern
Seating area: sits four to six
Lawn: artificial grass
Features: water feature, lighting and topiary

Notes: garden design to enhance the design and style of the house – the house is Victorian so we need something structured and not too flowery. Garden is to be as evergreen, with tones of blue and white.


Edwardian Gardens can be the most challenging to design. If the garden looks very formal with too much topiary then it could look more Victorian than Edwardian garden.

We have used pleached trees which frame the design, and the box balls have been used to soften the squares and make the garden look more informal. The unique shapes which the box balls create provide the illusion of space.

Water features can be a great addition to both, large as well as smaller gardens, and the sound of running water brings a sense of serenity and calmness which is sometimes lost in larger gardens. Giant polished marbles, for instance, or stainless steel pipes look great in London large gardens.

3D CAD design during the day and night

Edwardian garden

We choose an Edwardian garden design for our client in Chelsea, London. The garden is significant considering the space standards for London, hence the requirement to enhance the style of their astonishing Victorian house. Our clients love the choice of a green oasis with a well define Edwardian style.

Our lighting-design project for this Edwardian Garden includes a sizeable smart implementation. The challenge was to create a lighting design that is only matched by a Victorian Garden. Lighting the structured topiaries create the perfect ambience for the required brief. The lighting design comprises of different types of lights, from great flood to eco-friendly one watt led lights.

edwardian bold fire pit
modern Edwardian paving
water feature London
Lighting systems for Edwardian gardens
modern Edwardian features
Large Edwardian garden