Modern Curved Garden

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Client brief

Budget: £12,000
Maintenance: Two to three hours a month
Type of design: modern
Seating area: sits three to four
Lawn: artificial grass
Features: water feature and lighting
Notes: The client said: “We would like the garden to reflect our quirkiness. We prefer curves to straight lines, and ideally want to maximise space to make the garden appear larger.”


The design captures the gentle sway of a valley, guiding the eye in a smooth and fluid motion. As you can see from the image, there is a smooth arch which is wider near to the house, and which narrows towards the end of the garden. This effect enables the eye to travel further than it would normally, if only moving from the front of the garden to the back. The illusion of a much larger space is created by this technique.

When lighting a smaller garden, use low-wattage lights; this will allow for an effect like the one below. Here the one-watt lights illuminate the curve of the patio, and the eye is drawn to the curve of the lawn and finally to the larger plants at the back of the garden. Having a multi-layered display will produce a garden of ambient tranquillity.

3D CAD design during the day and night

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