Medium garden designs ideas for London

We work closely with our clients from start to finish. We incorporate your ideas into our design processes at every step of the way. Our video technology means you can take an online tour of your garden to see if you like it before we’ve even started the work.

Lush Edwardian Garden

With its profusion of beautiful colour and life, this medium garden  looks absolutely amazing. But it also looks like it needs a lot of upkeep. However, you would be surprised to know that many of the plants actually take care of themselves.

The right selection of lush evergreens, grasses, and perennials can provide year-round visual interest without you so much as lifting a finger. And a smart watering system can take care of the rest of the work, which leaves the garden to be simply enjoyed.

medium size Edwardian gardens
Edwardian gardens in Surrey

Seating Patio

When you’ve already got plenty of room, there’s no need for the illusion of space. Instead, we recommend that you avoid clutter.

In this medium garden design, we’ve gone for a wonderful white slatted dividing wall with a large design mirrored water feature. Raised borders with copping stone provide ample seating for up to 30 guests without needlessly taking up precious space. And the feathery planting choices are at once both modern and minimalist, which complement the uncluttered colour scheme.

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Trendy patio designers in London

Japanese garden design

Medium size gardens are a great blank canvas to work with. In this beautiful Japanese garden, there’s plenty for the eye to take in. The design’s potential has been off set to overwhelm you with the striking circular feature. This serves to concentrate the gaze on wherever we want it to settle.

Needless to say, Japanese style gardens like this tend to be higher maintenance than other styles. The gravel garden alone could get messy without a Zen monk to rake it. But it is fantastic design, for those of you who take pleasure in these tasks.

Japanese garden designers near me
medium size Japanese gardeners

Decked Garden

The use of wood in large garden designs creates a wonderful contrast to the city. We think wood is also a softer, more soothing option than stone paving and block work. Not only does it look more alive, with its natural fibres and grain; it also feels different to walk on, which adds a different dimension.

As in the picture, wood can be dark in colour. But this only makes the greens look more alive. And you can offset the darkness with bright styling choices of your own.

decked garden designers in London
London decked designers

Modern Dinning Garden

You’ve heard of bringing the outdoors in. Here we’ve brought the indoors out. The modern garden design prioritises hard landscaping with the impression of rooms in a house. We go for this approach, using a piece of modern art, to draw people into the space.

Our planting choices are deliberately feathery, as well as subtly coloured, so as not to detract from the design. And the comfortable wicker seating adds to the homely appeal.

medium garden ideas
medium garden designs ideas

Wimbledon Modular Garden

Speaking of furniture, it’s important to consider size and use. Clutter is the enemy of medium garden design. So the last thing you want is a huge table and bulky chairs taking up space on the lawn.

That’s not to say furniture is a bad thing, though. In this picture, the two chairs beside the path complement the trellised fencing and create a more welcoming feel. Crucially, however, their light colour camouflages them against the path and they don’t clutter up the design.

Wimbledon modular gardens
Wimbledon medium gardens

Play Ground Garden

Medium garden designs ideas should be sensitive to the constraints of the space. This garden has a rather limiting, narrow shape. By laying the lawns and stepping stone pathways as we have here, we’ve visually expanded the width. However, we also achieved an overall symmetry.

As a family garden, it was also desirable to incorporate compact, well-defined play areas. Meanwhile, on the terrace, there’s ample room for barbecues and birthday get-togethers.

medium play ground gardens
play ground medium gardens

Sunken Seating area

This is another one of those medium garden designs that prioritises hard landscaping elements. It’s clearly a garden for entertaining. And this kind of decking is nice and easy to maintain. But there’s more going on here than it seems.

The angular geometry directs the gaze to the numerous corners as focal points. However, the gaze doesn’t stay there long. The styling is intentionally sparse to encourage movement around the space.

medium decking garden
decking for medium gardens

Soft Feathery Garden

Here’s another example of visually opening up a long, narrow garden. We call the paving stones used here eye breakers because they effectively break up the gaze.

They prevent the eye from taking in the garden at a glance, which would ultimately make it seem smaller. We also wanted them to encourage the eye to travel laterally rather than up and down. We chose feathery plants—as opposed to denser shrubs—to keep it from feeling too cluttered.

paving stone for narrow gardens
soft feathery garden paving

Simple Elegant Garden

We love white walls. They have been on-trend for medium sized London gardens for the last six years or so. It’s easy to see why; they’re bright, they visually open up the space, and you can do it yourself within minutes.

In this garden, the white wall contains a raised border. These have become popular too, allowing for dense planting and manageable upkeep. After all, not having to bend down to look after your plants tends to make gardening more enjoyable.

South face medium family garden
South face family garden ideas