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Contemporaries or modern garden designs are about visually striking, innovative designs. These might be sleek and simple uncluttered oases or bold statement gardens packed with progressive ideas. Either way, they tend to focus on syncing the inside and out.

Hence the design trend for modern courtyard gardens with almost a living room feel. These might have hardwood decking, plush rattan furniture, and pot plants — and sometimes even rugs and coffee tables! But this is also about challenging preconceptions.

Contemporary garden designs usually have some unusual focus. They might have floating benches, living walls, or custom-built water features (e.g. stainless steel pipes or winding lagoons). They might also have app-controlled, colour-changing lighting.

As for planting ideas for modern garden design, they tend to be minimal or visually striking. This is in contrast to naturalist or cottage garden styles, where the idea is to blend instead of emphasise. Hence you’ll see plenty of bamboos and grasses, architectural flower spikes, and sparse or dramatic kinds of tree, such as silver birch and Acer.

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