6 Small Garden Designs ideas for London

If, like many Londoners, you have limited outdoor space, you might find yourself short of inspiration when it comes to custom garden design. But fear not! Because we’re never short of big ideas for small London gardens, no matter the size of your space.

Maximising small outdoor space with focal points

Small outside spaces can always benefit from a well-placed focal point or two. Built-in seating, outdoor in-wall fireplaces, and modest water features are all great; the key is careful coordination and thoughtful integration to the whole.

Of course, sculptures and creative furnishings set into recessed alcoves can also give the impression of space. And smart lighting can help to transform and redefine your small size garden at night.

Pebble Pool Garden

Considering function to optimise small gardens

Small courtyard gardens in London might seem limited on paper, but it’s all about how you use the space. Want a play area for the kids? Then how about a climbing wall off to the side combined with a sunken trampoline? Or maybe you want to cook outdoors without a barbecue taking up space? Then how about a recessed brick oven in one of the boundary walls?

For stylish specialists at small garden designs in London, you can rely on Jonathan Mark for innovative and elegant garden ideas.

All-year color with smart watering and lighting

Smart lighting and heating systems can invigorate the average London garden as a place to relax outdoors. Ideas include fire pits and lamps with sheltered pergola, seating area, and a framing of climbing plants.

Small size gardens in London can always benefit from hanging planters, hedges, climbers, green roofs and walls, and other clever uses of space. A range of textures can also trick the eye into thinking a small sun spot is much bigger than it is.

water feature for small gardens

Smart landscaping materials for small garden designs

When it comes to small garden designs, the right use of lines can visually expand a little space. For example, you might wish to consider a circular paved area surmounted with a variety of plants, or wood decking at an angle to existing architectural lines. Our recent small modern curved garden project in London showcases our designers’ creativity and expertise.

A balance of landscaping materials and plants helps as well. In our Mediterranean Garden, we combined gravel and greenery with smooth paving and an evocative tail-tiled screen. The resulting range of colors and textures gave the impression of a much larger space.

circular paving leading to gate with lawn in the foreground

Innovative lighting and heating systems

Jonathan Mark provides innovative landscaping solutions that maximise outdoor space for small and medium size gardens in London. You can depend on us to find the best garden-solutions for your personal budget and needs.

Our recent family garden in West London was an exercise in versatile, low-impact design. Taking advantage of the existing brick wall, we came up with a vertical garden design and lighting system. Then we continued this varying height motif with a split-level dining area right by the house’s rear entryway–a perfect spot for all-year relaxation, especially with some outdoor heaters.

urban design landscape london
urban landscape west London

Small garden designs for eco-friendly powerhouses

You don’t need a farm to grow your own fruit and veg. Even small decking gardens can be designed with productivity in mind. Options for our in-progress garden-design in North London include hanging vegetable boxes, stylish miniature patches, and perhaps a space-saving micro-greenhouse as a functional point of focus.

We’ll bring our landscaping expertise to bear on your garden, creating outdoor relaxing areas that make the most of your limited space. With over fifteen years’ experience designing small gardens for residential and corporate clients in London, Jonathan Mark promises expertise, innovation, and a passion for horticulture and design.

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