5 Garden Design Ideas for Roof Terraces in London

Roof gardens and roof terraces in London can pose a challenge for garden designers. Family friendly roof gardens, for example, obviously have to include safety in the design. But our roof garden expertise always shines through. Here are just some of our bright ideas.

Think of small size roof gardens as a home extension

We look at small roof gardens in London as extra rooms in your home—even if there’s just the one.

Styling is therefore of central importance. This might include smart lighting design to customise your outdoor space. Of course, your roof terrace is often the “room” with the view, so we can use focal points to help draw the gaze out and open up the space. Examples include water features, sculptures, and box planters with strategically angular topiary. Glass or perspex balustrades can also make the most of the view, while also prioritising safety and shelter from the wind.

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Large size roof gardens encourage a modular design

Our projects have included rooftop corporate gardens in London, where entertaining is often key to the concept. Dividing the area by function allows us to customise roof garden spaces to purpose. And LED strip lighting can highlight boundary walls, focal points, raised decking, and seating areas. We can also add a sound system to contemporary roof space design, as well as smart watering systems for keeping roof garden plants thriving.

Jonathan Mark is full of innovative London roof garden ideas. And no matter the size of the project, our detailed 3D mock-ups allow clients to get a feel for their options.


Rooftop gardens should be fit for all the family

Families may fret about kids playing alone in an outdoor roof garden space. Particularly at heights, safety measures are just part of the answer. Our approach also focuses on giving kids plenty to do. And this can mean integrated paddling pools, playhouses, or sandpits.

Your modern roof garden can become an open-air living room with stylishly upholstered seating, all-weather parasols, and even amenities for movie nights. But if you just want to take in the view, you might want some elegant swing seating.

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Employ smart watering systems to transform a medium size roof garden

Planting options are often limited on roof terraces, but that’s all part of the fun. Smart irrigation and drainage solutions can give life to a thriving oasis, even where you thought nothing could grow. Practical roof gardens may also integrate privacy and noise-cancellation for use as a social space.

Our expertise extends to all aspects of designing London large gardens—from hard terrace-gardens to soft, artificial turf and more. And we use 3D design applications to render digital virtual tours for each of our clients to choose from.


Research the highest quality landscaping materials

The best roof garden designers in London are never short of suggestions when it comes to suitable materials. A simple glass balustrade can make the most of the view, while an artificial green wall with viewing ports can serve as protection from the wind. We’ll also research authentic materials to suit your architectural surroundings. Depending on the area, this could mean artificially aged hardwood decking or reclaimed brick walls and floors.

Jonathan Mark’s roof terrace designs are a balance of form and function. Get in touch for a free consultation and to throw about some great ideas.

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