Modern gardens in London don’t have to be at odds with their surroundings

The best designs play to the strengths of the local area while at the same time adding something new. Be it curving lines or geometric shapes, Jonathan Mark’s designs combine form and function in a way that enriches your world. Whatever your garden demands, here are six reasons to go for a modern garden design.

Modern Gardens in London allow socialising all year round

The right kind of garden upgrade allows for socialising and relaxation all year round. While modern garden paving slabs keep things neat, tidy, and usable in any weather, outstanding landscape design will keep drawing your family outside.

Jonathan Mark weighs the pros and cons of all your paving stone options, from hard-wearing granite to undulating sandstone, to match the finest materials to your needs.

modern courtyard London
minimalist modern garden

They can sync with your interior design

After a home renovation, you might find your beautiful outdoor space feeling suddenly out of sync. For that reason, modern garden designers with an attention to detail might combine glass doors and windows, contemporary patio slabs, and artificial lighting to create a flow between indoors and out.

Our bespoke approach to garden design has posed us with challenges in the past. One past client, for instance, wanted a structured Edwardian garden to suit their Victorian home, but one that felt informal and fresh.

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Contemporary gardens are all about light and colour

Think of modern gardens designs as your own living artwork set against functional elements.

Think minimalist planters with evergreens and limes, or patchworks of colour and light. Or how about grasses and perennials with colour-blocked walls and seating?

Jonathan Mark researches the best materials and technologies for your needs, while also drawing on our in-house horticultural expertise.

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Modern gardens serve all your needs in one

Whether you’re into horticulture or you just want a retreat for the family, even a small London garden can cater to various needs. Imagine a calming, Zen-like refuge of well-managed space, simple elegance, and minimal upkeep demands. Or a more impressive London garden design complete with food prep and dining areas, decking, and foliage.

Jonathan Mark has spent years working with families to create the perfect compact gardens in London, continually finding innovative ways to integrate play areas for pets and children with otherwise contemporary designs.


Small modern gardens don't even need to have plants

Of course, the right selection of garden slabs and features can sometimes eliminate the need for plants.

For example, stone and wood features with clean lines and striking focal points can sometimes be enough on their own. Alternatively, synthetic grasses, plants, and other smart solutions can add a splash of green that requires practically no maintenance.

Jonathan Mark and his knowledgeable team have a passion for modern gardens design in London. With more than 10 years of landscaping experience, and member of UK Society of Garden Designers, we excel at designing outdoor spaces fit for modern lifestyles and a faster pace of life.

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contemporary garden focal points

Courtyard gardens are often easier to maintain

With less of an emphasis on plants, you won’t be looking out the window at a chore. In other words, your garden space is less likely to fall into disrepair. But for those who love getting their hands dirty, clean modern lines can help to break up the space into visibly more manageable sections.

Smart watering systems and other technologies can also help to make maintenance a doddle. Plus we’ll work with you to choose a selection of plants that need just as much care as you can give them.

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