Wondering how to transform a medium size garden in London?

Jonathan Mark Garden Design have plenty of ideas to make the most of any outdoor space. Find out how we can revolutionise your own private habitat to make it fit for use in all seasons.

You don’t need masses of space to create something smart and impressive. Medium size gardens lend themselves to all kinds of custom designs and are given to smart and low-maintenance solutions. From courtyard gardens to leafy oases, we approach medium garden designs in London with plenty of eager ideas.

Colour without lifting a finger

No time for upkeep? No problem! With the right choice of evergreens, grasses, and perennials, your garden can effectively take care of itself.

Alternatively, a smart watering system can take care of your more demanding foliage when you simply don’t have the time. Berries can also add colour while attracting an extra splash of colour from birds.

Bright garden greenery with a mixture if pink violet and indigo coloured flowers

Medium garden designs for hosting private events

Sections and levels don’t just open up custom outside spaces. Combined with bespoke smart lighting solutions, they also make them perfect for parties and family meetings. Imagine receiving friends on an early autumn evening in a smart lighting modern courtyard for drinks before taking your seats around a fire on a terrace overflowing with outdoor kitchen ideas.

For one of our clients, for instance, we put together a modular garden design: a bold fire pit with sleek, contemporary seating in one section connected by pathways to bushy flowerbeds.

minimalist modern garden

Using shapes to open up your medium size garden

Smooth curves and circular lawns — or angular geometric divides — can open up and customise your outdoor space. And we’ll design them with smart lawn mowing systems in mind. No matter how big your average London garden might seem now, visual tricks can help it feel bigger.

With our expertise based on years in landscaping and horticulture, the Jonathan Mark team are specialists in London garden designs. We’re especially passionate about upgrading London medium gardens with design ideas that always make the most of the space.

medium courtyard garden

Courtyard gardens are an elegant and versatile solution

Decking courtyard gardens are easy to maintain and focused on landscaping materials—whether sleek and contemporary timber or a more authentic use of stone. Placing courtyards in outside spaces surrounded by foliage also helps to open them up.

At Jonathan Mark, we create a selection of 3D designs for our clients to choose from, each with an eye for seamlessly syncing indoors and out.

medium courtyard garden

Medium size gardens always leave room for design

Considering a medium garden as an extension to your home, it should appeal to every member of the family. For instance, compact play areas can integrate with social spaces and other features with a well-rounded eye for design.

Our designers will discuss with you the garden features that best suit your space, while Jonathan and his team set up the planting plan  according your needs. Each garden is customised as a practical balance of your ideas and your personal budget.

medium easy-care garden

Patio garden ideas are endless

Medium London gardens will always have space for a patio, even if it has to go on your roof! So it’s natural to think of your patio as an extension to your home.

Why not tie it all together with modern seating and striking motifs that you can see from indoors as well? Wide palms and giant cacti make excellent focal points, for example; but sometimes something as simple as an illuminated circular patio, as in our modern curved garden design, is enough to really open up a small space.

medium size Victorian patio
medium Victorian patio