7 Smart Solutions for Large Size Gardens in London

Don’t be intimidated by large size gardens. They’re an excellent opportunity to create an outdoor space that’s fit for a wide variety of functions, from parties and socialising to spending time as a family or simply relaxing alone. Find out more from Jonathan Mark Garden Design.

Large size gardens can be an intimidating canvas. But really they should be looked at as a gift—allowing you to customise outdoor space to serve a range of uses and occasions. Our team approaches every large garden design with a view to how your garden will be used.

All-year color with smart watering and lighting

The most dynamic large gardens are those with plenty of year-round colour — which may seem a tall order in the UK.

A smart sprinkler system and the right choice of plants are a good start, but some of the most effective designs for large gardens use lighting. Although it’s often overlooked by designers in the UK, we at Jonathan Mark love it.

Thoughtfully employed smart lighting systems can provide ambient illumination and colourful focal points for a dazzling year-round appeal. That means your garden will hold its allure even as the nights draw in and your flowers wilt away for next season.

Bright garden greenery with a mixture if pink violet and indigo coloured flowers

Contemporary large landscapes

Want a sprawling manicured lawn with modern geometric sensibilities?

Or perhaps something a little wilder to encourage exploration of meandering borders? We design large landscape gardens with smart lawn mowing systems in mind. And we can use angular topiary and box plants to accent the flattest, most modern large gardens in London with an appealing three-dimensional finish.

Large rectangular swimming pool sounds by vast lawns and sun loungers basking in the sun

Bespoke large garden designs with focal points

In a large size landscape, focal points can help direct the gaze and keep the eye away from the edges. Pavilions, trees, and water features are great for this, but structures that serve your lifestyle are even better.

A swimming pool is always an eye-catcher, for example, especially with an interesting design and adjoining bar. And children’s play areas can also add to the visual appeal of large gardens and landscapes. Think interesting climbing frames and hobbit hole hideaways.

From families with children to couples and individuals, Jonathan Mark sits down with every client to discuss your intended uses.

Bespoke large spaces for events

From smart dinners to informal get-togethers, raised decking in large gardens can be an island for convivial vibes.

Outdoor dinner areas add function, such as a built-in barbecue or wood-fired ovens with herb, salad, and vegetable plots nearby. And a careful choice of lighting and landscaping materials can create a seamless continuity with the interior design of your home.

Outdoor venue spaces for some of our past clients, including private clubs and corporate reception hosts, have also benefitted from interesting focal points. Whether for great photo ops, easy orientation and meeting points, or just to impress your guests, JM Garden Design is never short of ideas.

modern courtyard London

Easy aftercare based on how much you think you can give

We research landscaping materials with your lifestyle and schedule in mind. And we avoid high-maintenance options if you don’t have the time to maintain them.

Smart watering systems for large garden maintenance only go so far, of course. Choosing the right materials can help your garden look after itself.

The same goes for our choice of plants. Some are better choices than others if you don’t have the time to maintain them. Think evergreens, trees, and hardy yet beautiful shrubs.

Integrated landscape design in large residential gardens

Customising family large gardens (for instance) requires a kind of inward-looking, bespoke approach. But we also like to look outwards and make the most of your surrounding landscape. We can do this by reproducing natural forms to lead the eye out beyond your garden’s boundaries.

Our expertise extends to all aspects of designing London large gardens—from landscaping to planting and more. And we use 3D design applications to render digital virtual tours for each of our clients to choose from.