Choosing the right materials

The materials chosen for a landscaping project can really make or break the design of a garden, and our wealth of knowledge and experience in garden design are at your disposal to help you choose just the right materials and products to suit your particular requirements. It is important to strike the right balance between functionality and aesthetic value.

Our reliable, long-established suppliers provide us with only top-quality materials which ensure beautiful and durable results. Shown here are just a few selections, chosen from a very broad range of fine materials we install regularly.


We recommend natural Indian stone for areas to be paved, as it presents unique and varied textures and colours. Indian stone has been formed over thousands of years, and its enduring beauty will add quality and value to your garden and home.

You can rely on our experience and expert knowledge of stone when selecting materials for your garden. Feel free to read through our guide to paving.

grey granite paving laid out in a modern garden with square green lans and modern light brown fencing
Wet grey granite paving in front of a white wall with modern white water feature pouring water onto large stones and pebbles
Large stone ewater feature sounded by stone greay stone wall with large white dome light and round tree in foreground


If you want an eye-catching and comfortable seating area which will also blend naturally with the rest of your garden, talk to Jonathan about decking.

You should always bear in mind that decking requires annual maintenance, not only to keep it looking like new but also (and very importantly) to ensure that it retains its value and gives you years of pleasure and service.

Steel cabling is often used in conjunction with the installation of decked areas to lend a more contemporary look to a timber installation. The cabling also helps to open up the space visually and improves visibility in both directions.

close up of Hardwood Decking
Softwood Decking outside home with table and chairs in foreground
Softwood Decking close up angle
Hardwood Decking of penthouse apartment with seating and plants

Whatever your garden design query or requirement, we can help

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Lawns can really finish a design; it is said that looking at the colour green can release endorphins (the happy hormones) in the brain. Is synthetic turf really a good alternative to natural grass? And what are the practical requirements? Read our guide to find out more.


two square Synthetic Lawns with paths at either side
square Natural Lawn with slate stepping stone leading across
close up Natural Lawn with rolls of lawn in background
large circular Natural Lawn with square mown pattern


There are many different types of plants, but be careful with your selection as some gardens will require weekly care and maintenance. Read our guide below to find out what methods we use when designing a border. A lovely planted garden can be really inviting and inspiring, and if a border has been carefully thought through it will provide colour all year round.


Large attractive green plants in the foreground with outdoor seating area with white cushions in the background
Bright garden greenery with a mixture if pink violet and indigo coloured flowers
pink flowers and greenery peering over a hand laid stone wall
thin wispy greenery behind purple flowers in front of concrete pathway


There are many features you could have in the garden, and here are a few of our favourites. Please note these might not be necessary for your space, but it is important to consider the options before building or designing your garden.

  • Lighting
  • Water features
  • Irrigation
  • Secondary seating areas
  • Raised walls
  • Pathways
Circular garden with pathway leading across to children's tree house and slide
Irrigation Sprinklers
Lighting three trees in corner of garden